Fundamental Skills for Chemical Research

課程名稱:化學研究基礎能力【Fundamental Skills for Chemical Research】
教科書:​Provide pdf files

Try to prepare students to have better ability to perform research. The course covers logic, writing, literature search, data analysis (including regression and error analysis), and presentation. Undergraduate seniors and MS students are welcome. Limit to 16 students.

No test!! Scores are based on homework and presentations.
A. Presentation of non-logic examples in research. (4/18) 20%
B. Homework 1: Literature search summary. (4/25) 30%
C. Homework 2: Tables and figures. (5/23) 15%
D. Homework 3: Regression and error analysis. (5/30) 15%
E. Presentation: Present a paper with 1 and 5 slides. (6/6) 30%

Students should bring a computer capable of internet connection to class, or share with someone.

★課程進度★ (實際內容以上課公布為主)
2023-02-14(二)  Introduction
2023-02-21(二)  Fundamental logic – concept and AEIO
2023-02-28(二)  Holiday
2023-03-07(二)  Logic fallacies and Logic in writing (1)
2023-03-14(二)  Logic in writing (2)
2023-03-21(二)  Literature search (1) – SciFinder
2023-03-28(二)  Literation search (2) – Web of Science
2023-04-04(二)  Holiday
2023-04-11(二)  Literature search (3) – Other techniques and literature handling
2023-04-18(二)  Presentation of research examples with logic flaw
2023-04-25(二)  Making Tables and Figures, Homework 1 due
2023-05-02(二)  Error analysis (1)
2023-05-09(二)  Error analysis (2)
2023-05-16(二)  Regression (1)
2023-05-23(二)  Regression (2), Homework 2 due
2023-05-30(二)  Baseline correction, Homework 3 due
2023-06-06(二)  Paper presentation