We are interested in the spectral, kinetic, and dynamic studies of free radicals which are important in combustion or atmospheric chemistry. Because the free radicals are reactive, conventional techniques are unsuitable. The free radicals are produced in a flow system, in a low temperature matrix, in a supersonic jet, or in a shock tube. Several detection methods are employed: (1) infrared emission or absorption (with FTIR or step-scan time-resolved FTIR or femtosecond laser), (2) VUV photoionization, (3) laser-induced fluorescence or chemiluminescence. Current research topics include:

  • IR spectra and reaction intermediates such as Criegee intermediates.
  • IR spectra of protonated poly cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PHA).
  • Mass-selective IR spectra of clusters or free radicals.
  • Matrix-isolation using p-H2 as a host.
  • Reaction dynamics probed with IR emission of products.
  • Ultrafast dynamics using femtosecond transient IR.

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