Chemical Thermodynamics

課程名稱:化學熱力學【Chemical Thermodynamics】
上課時間:週二 13:20-16:30
教科書:Chemical Thermodynamics by Charles E. Reid, McGraw-Hill (1990)

1. To understand fundamentals and applications of thermodynamics.
2. Introduction to statistical thermodynamics.
3. Through course instruction and exercises to build up clear concepts on thermodynamics and to train independent thinking.

Exercise (biweekly) 20%
Quiz: 10%
Midterm: Nov. 7 (Tues.) 19:00-22:00, 40% (Chapter 1-4)
Final: Dec. 26 (Tues.) 13:10-16:00, 40% (Chapter 5-8)

NYCU OpenCourseWare/課程專區/理學院/應用化學系/物理化學(一)Physical Chemistry I

2023-09-12(二)   Introduction / Basic Mathematics
2023-09-19(二)   Basic Laws – First Law (OCW 2-3~2-5 & 2-5~2-7)
2023-09-26(二)   Second Law / Equilibrium(OCW 3-1 & 3-2)
2023-10-03(二)   Free Energy
2023-10-10(二)   Holiday
2023-10-17(二)   Gases
2023-10-24(二)   Gases
2023-10-31(二)   Thermochemistry
2023-11-07(二)   Statistical Thermodynamics
2023-11-14(二)   Statistical Thermodynamics
2023-11-21(二)   Statistical Thermodynamics / Mixtures
2023-11-28(二)   (YP abroad)
2023-12-05(二)   Mixtures / Solutions
2023-12-12(二)   Mixtures / Solutions
2023-12-19(二)   Phase Equilibrium
2023-12-26(二)   Final Exam